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Israel Quest : IQ Grant Application


The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

Israel Experience Grant Application

This application is for the Israel Quest Grant only. Please contact the trip provider directly for their application form.

This form is due to Israel Quest by April 1st  prior to summer travel and 8 weeks prior to non-summer travel. 

The Israel  Experience Grant is $750 which would increase by $250 if a match of $250 is offered by the sponsoring organization. This grant funding is sent directly to the trip provider.  (A total amount of $1,250 could be received as follows:  $1,000 from Israel Quest and $250 from the sponsoring organization)

To be eligible for Israel Quest Grant funding, Israel Quest members must meet the following criteria earning 

18 Frequent Flyer Points

continued Jewish education with a sponsoring synagogue and/or active participation in a sponsoring Jewish youth group (earning 9 membership points)

participate in approved activities through your sponsoring organization and/or Israel Quest that enhance Jewish identity (earning 9 activity points)     

Participation in an approved Israel experience (minimum of 4 weeks in length) must be taken during 10th – 12th grade or summers immediately thereafter.  This Israel Experience does not include an academic program of a day school(i.e.Charles E. Smith Jewish DaySchool).

Click HERE for form.

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