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Where East Meets West: A Journey of Exploration and Understanding

Inaugural Issue - December 2011





JOHN ZIJIANG DING / Editor’s Introduction: Some thoughts on Studies of East-West Thought


Articles: Global Justice, Cosmopolitanism, and Universalism


JÜRGEN HABERMAS / Konstitutionalisierung des Völkerrechts und die Legitimationsprobleme einer Verfassten Weltgesellschaft     
(Constitutionalization of International Laws and the Legitimate Problem of a Constitution of Global Society)   


XUNWU CHEN / Building of Global Justice and a Cosmopolitan Order—Dialogues with Habermas and Others    


WILLIAM McBRIDE / Regression in History: Where Are We Now?  


TOMING JUN LIU / Lichtung and Luzhai: Nine Ways of Looking at Trans-Civilizational Imaginations of Wang Wei      


JOHN ZIJIANG DING / Self-transformation and Moral Universalism: A Comparison of Wang Yangming and Schleiermacher    


Articles: Methodology and Meta-methodology of East-West Studies


CHUNG-YING CHENG / Effective Leadership by Capacities of Virtue: A  New Analysis of Power of  Political Leadership in Confucian Perspective

LONGXI ZHANG / Risky Business: The Challenge of East-Western Comparative Studies      


Discussion: A New Vision of Chinese Metaphysics and Cosmology


ROBERT C. NEVILLE / Research Projects for Comparative Study and Appreciation of Ultimate Realities through the Sciences and Humanities 
JIYUAN YU / Is Chinese Cosmology Metaphysics?—A Greek-Chinese Comparative Study      


JEELOO LIU / Reconstructing Chinese Metaphysics  


Book Reviews


BARBARA ENTL / Seyla Benhabib,  Another Cosmopolitanism


FENQING ZHU / Kit Christensen, Nonviolence, Peace, and Justice: A Philosophical Introduction 

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10th-Anniversary Issues

JET Published Two Issues for the 10th Anniversary Celebration
Happy anniversary JET!

Journal of East-West Thought (JET), an academic quarterly, included in the noted Philosopher’s Index, is 10 years old this month. A 10-year-old tree, depending on species, is generally huge with wide foliage.  A 10-year-old human being is already in middle school, ready to spread wings of intellectual curiosity. A 10-year-old quarterly, however, is a weighty forty-volume collection of sweat, tears, sorrows, frustration, and alas, joy! 

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